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Our sustainable print partner

Seacourt’s Planet Positive PrintingTM

Thanks to print firm Seacourt, our 2018 Green Gown Awards UK & Ireland Finalists’ Brochure and Guest Directory continues to be the greenest possible – in fact more natural resources were given back than were consumed in its printing.  Printed on carbon neutral, 100% recycled paper using 100% VOC-free inks and LightTouchTM print technology – waterless, free of harmful chemicals and instantly dried by LED. It is produced by a circular economy business - Seacourt is zero waste, powered by 100% renewable energy and certified by ClimateCare as Beyond Carbon Neutral. It’s important to practice what you preach.

We spoke to Seacourt’s Client Partner, Mark Pickford, about how Seacourt became so sustainable.  

The 2018 Green Gown Awards brochure is again printed by our leading sustainable and environmental print partner, Seacourt, who embarked on a twenty year journey to be an inspiration for companies to take responsibility for how they work and reduce the environmental damage they might cause simply by carrying out their business.

Knowing the earth’s natural resources cannot be sustained if we carry on as we are they chose to change - removing water and harmful chemicals from the printing process, using 100% renewable energy, stripping out the waste from the business going to landfill and finding a home for it and even installing a wormery to look after the Company’s used teabags and leftovers!

Having won three Queen’s Awards for Innovation in Sustainability for its 8 million litre water savings and reducing its VOC emissions by 98.5%, its zero waste closed loop production and for developing LightTouchTM, the World’s cleanest volume printing process, Seacourt’s owners realised that it’s possible to go even further.

In partnership with Climate Care Seacourt provides funding for socio economic and environmental programmes including Acai berry production supporting local communities and reducing logging, helping to conserve 86,000 hectares of forest as and the regeneration of 1,200 hectares of deforested land.

But Seacourt believes that a truly sustainable business is not about carrying on as usual and simply offsetting its environmental impact. Seacourt is the most sustainable printer because it has done everything in its power and has taken more actions than anyone else to reduce their overall impact.

The steps they’ve taken and the funding they provide results in a POSITIVE impact – Seacourt’s Planet Positive PrintingTM consumes fewer natural resources than it gives back and has resulted in the Environmental Management and Audit Scheme recognising them as Europe’s Most Sustainable SME,

Planet Positive Printing