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Unseen Farming

After the flood crisis in 2008, Poonbumpen community, a suburban area of Bangkok, was dropped and left unattended. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the locals attempted to develop empty areas to grow vegetables in order to generate income and produce food, but the cultivation was unsuccessful. The present project, therefore, aims to help the community change the empty areas into farming areas, develop innovative techniques for growing quality and safe vegetables, and improve the management of community agricultural products.

Community members were provided with training sessions such as soil preparation, growing seeds and using compost, and preparation of produce for sale, along with students who support them during the process.

Finally, an organic farming area with more than 30 different types of vegetables was created. A food bank in which vegetables and fruits are shared was established so that the locals can be self-reliant on food and sell it at the market.

Top 3 Learnings

  1. We learn to work in teams with the community.
  2. We share knowledge with the community.
  3. Our students can further apply the new knowledge learned to their own careers.
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