Stage 2 Guidance Notes

Stage 2 applications should be submitted to the EAUC by 12 noon on Wednesday 11 September 2019.

No background material or appendices etc. will be accepted and examined for Stage 2 applications, so please do not send this.

Filling out the Stage 2 application form

Only those shortlisted as a Finalist from the Stage 1 process are eligible to complete and submit a Stage 2 application form. Applications which stand out through their clear signalling of achievements, succinct descriptions of work done and benefits achieved, and the provision of quantitative information, will have a greater chance of impressing the judges. The maximum length for the Stage 2 application is 2 pages plus the cover page - so to be clear this is 3 pages in total.

Please note that on the Stage 2 judging day, judges will be looking at your stage 1 application entry, their feedback to you on improvements and suggestions to include in your Stage 2 entry.

The only exceptions to this are:

As a reminder, category descriptions and criteria can be found here.

What the judges are looking for...

A more concise entry showing an improvement from your Stage 1 application. In your confirmation email which contained your Green Gown Awards Application Form, you would have received the judges’ comments/questions giving you feedback on your Stage 1 application (these are found within the form at the start of the Stage 2 section) . It may identify areas where perhaps you are able to improve upon/include/go into more detail in your Stage 2 entry. We encourage you to consider their questions in your Stage 2 application. (Please note that your Stage 1 entry is locked for editing. You are only to fill in the Stage 2 section).

Applications that stand out through their clear signalling of achievements, succinct descriptions of work done and benefits achieved, and the provision of quantitative information, will have a greater chance of impressing the judges.

The judging will be based on a composite view of the application, taking account of the following criteria, and the specific nature of the Award category:

Organisation Awards Guidance

Please cover the following header topics in your application – and please update and include any new materials which have been added since the Stage 1 application (you must only write in the Stage 2 section - Stage 1 is locked for editing):

Stage 2 section:

Page 1 (Cover Page)
General Information:

Page 2
Addressing judges’ questions to your Stage 1 application – This is your chance to directly address any comments the judges provided from your Stage 1 application. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your application by addressing key areas they raised/or requests for further information.

Leadership and Engagement - Please summarise what you feel is distinctive about your proposal e.g. originality; replicability through the sector; outstanding example of best practice; application of new technology, process or approach; new application of an existing product; demonstrating leadership in communicating your initiative. Also describe learning from the initiative that could be of relevance to other institutions. Evidence of transfer to other institutions should be provided where available. Please Indicate what ways you have involved others in your project. This could include other departments/faculties, the local community and industry, as well as what communication about the project has taken place. Where possible include examples of engagement and/or the communication processes.Please provide the above answers in the relevant boxes.

Note: If you are applying for a category linked to an International Green Gown Award (Benefitting Society, Sustainability Institution of the Year and Student Engagement), all questions must be completed in full (dissemination/ replication, project reach and scale of impact wider than the sector and the wider societal and graduate employer impact) as this forms part of the judging criteria for the International Awards.

Page 3
Wider Societal Impact - Please outline the wider societal impact and value of your application. What is the impact of your application to society outside of your institution, staff and students? What is the legacy of your application as it benefits wider society? Provide evidence of the impact.

Graduate Employer Impact - Please outline the impact and value of your application to graduate employers. How has your application improved graduate employability attributes that will attract them to potential employers? What is the legacy of your application as it benefits graduate employers? Provide evidence of the impact.

►Updated information – to include any relevant, new material since your stage 1 submission. Please provide clear headings.

You must not exceed the 2 page limit, plus 1 page cover (so 3 pages in total for the Stage 2 section). You may delete the red text at the foot of page 3 to provide more room.

Individual / Team Awards Guidance

For the Research with Impact - Student, and Sustainability Champion Awards, please follow the same guidelines as above but note the following exception:

Leadership and Engagement Please summarise what you feel is distinctive about your actions. How does your role sit within the institution’s strategy, values and ethos? Have any of your actions had an impact in this area? Also include information on any communication/engagement about your actions. Include numbers involved.

Special notes

Special Note for Applications on Activities Involving More than One FE or HE Institution

We will have confirmed with the main applicant which institution is the leading institution and the Award will be made out to the lead institution only. However, we recognise that partnerships can have a significant role to solving sustainability issues and these will be recognised – if appropriate - in the form of a group/partnership name.

Special Note for Applications from Smaller Institutions

We ask you to check your annual turnover (in £millions). A small institution is labelled as one with an annual turnover below £50 million. If the Stage 1 number you originally provided is incorrect, then please include the correct number in your Stage 2 application (if above £50 million). If it is correct, please ignore.

Generic criteria

To make a strong application please provide facts and figures to support your application and meet all the criteria within your chosen category. You should also include the following generic criteria: