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2.5 MW private wire solar array

Our ambition is for the University’s estate to become carbon neutral by 2030/1. This solar development is an important step towards realising this aim. The £2.9m investment will provide up to 25 per cent of the annual electricity needs of the Penglais Campus and reduce the University’s carbon emissions by just over 500 tonnes annually, and up to 12,000 tonnes over its anticipated 25-year working life.

Covering 3.8 hectares of land belonging to the University on Fferm Penglais, the 2.5 MW array includes around 4,500 individual solar panels. The electricity generated is expected to reduce annual energy-related emissions by 8 per cent across the University’s entire energy portfolio (gas and electricity) and contribute to fulfilling the University’s objective of a zero-carbon estate by 2030/31.

The project also included work to encourage greater biodiversity in surrounding hedgerows and sheep can continue to graze the pasture around the panels.

Annual carbon savings achieved with the initiative:

Top 3 Learnings

  1. We have been amazed by the energy savings achieved so far - they have far outweighed our initial expectations.
  2. Significant grid constraints have not hampered the projects financial business case. 
  3. We have managed to demonstrate that significant biodiversity enhancements can be incorporated into renewable energy projects.
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