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As a not-for-profit initiative, we seek sponsorship funds to secure the long term future of the Awards. We invite organisations to provide financial support to develop the Green Gown Awards in return for sharing their sustainability knowledge and brand exposure.

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The ethos of the Green Gown Awards is to promote the learning and dissemination of knowledge. We bring together events from all over the Awards programme. 

We encourage dialogue and sharing of ideas and approaches whether through resources, forums or other online methods.

If you can't find the event you need, contact us as we can run a number of on-demand events to suit your needs. Find out more about sustainability events and webinars



  • Designing Future Ready Campuses – 12th March 2019

    The University and College facilities designed today have a life span of decades, covering fundamental changes to who will access these institutions, the research and teaching methods they’ll use and even the courses that they will teach.  This webinar will explore emerging research from co...

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Other Events

  • Air pollution - local contexts - universal effects – 6th March 2019

    Air pollution is not only a major global environmental problem, but also represents the single largest environmental risk to health globally. Alongside contributing to chronic illness, estimates are that 2 million people die every year from air pollution exposure. Both globally and within countries ...