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Real time dementia care and fall detection device for the elderly

Dementia has become a serious public health concern owing to its high incidence and effects on an aging population. Psychosocial interventions that increase cognitive function have been developed in recent decades. These treatments try to slow dementia's progression and promote healthy aging.

This design provides an IoT-based (Internet of Things) safety hand for indoor and outdoor fall detection. The system incorporates fall detection, communication, notifications, and emergency medical aid. GPS helps caregivers find patients. Tri-axial accelerometers are used to study falls. When a fall is detected and the device detects an unconscious person, emergency contacts are called until someone responds. If no one replies within a specific time, the system calls for help. Even if the person has not fallen, he/she may press SOS to get help. A voice assistant recalls routine, medicine, etc. This device contains a camera so that relatives or caretakers can watch over his or her activities.

Top 3 Learnings

  1. We focussed to aid the dementia patient to conduct their daily life activities.
  2. We thought of making a prototype with resources available in Dhaka.
  3. We wanted to reduce the size of the device as much as possible to make it comfortable for the patient when he/she is carrying it.
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