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Designing and development of a sustainable charging station for electric cars

In Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka, air pollution is an alarming problem and vehicle emission is a great part of it. To solve this problem, Bangladesh is steadily moving towards electric vehicles, which means more charging infrastructures are required to actually implement the idea.

Some of the advantages of this project over other solutions in existence are: This research works to improve the current difficulties the country is facing using alternative resources with better features; the proposed solution follows the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) properly and works towards a ‘Green’ future and this research plays a vital role to develop a charging infrastructure for the Electric Vehicle industry of Bangladesh.

Top 3 Learnings

  1. It helped us think about a problem and solve it with patience.
  2. It helped us improve our communication and leadership skills.
  3. It helped to promote sustainable development goals (SDGs) along with sustainable design, to protect the environment.
7 - Affordable and Clean Energy 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities 13 - Climate Action
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