Carlos Shanka Boissy Diaz


University of Bristol

In my three years as a student at the University, I have explored the interdimensional spheres of sustainable development and forged strong working relationships with sustainability stakeholders.

Building on my knowledge and growing my network has enabled me to make significant impact, supporting with the ongoing development of the University’s sustainability policy and engaging my peers in the issues around climate emergency.

One of my most proud achievements includes presenting the “Invest for Change” campaign to the University’s Chief-Executive team in April 2021. We successfully challenged the eight-figure endowment fund policy to divest from unethical investments.

Other noteworthy achievements include representing the University at COP26 and embedding education for sustainable development by introducing and coordinating 11 paid student ‘Sustainability Champion’ roles. I also made a successful proposal for the budget to deliver Carbon Literacy Project training to several staff and students, delivered blended sustainability careers fair events during the pandemic, hosted panel discussions with IPCC authors and managed a series of events to raise funds for humanitarian aid to support Ukraine.

What the Judges Thought

The judges felt that Carlos is the very definition of a sustainability champion. He has achieved an outstanding amount in a short timeframe, especially the way he is upscaling his ideas by engaging more young people as leads in integrating sustainability into their disciplines, which the judges would like to see replicated everywhere! Carlos' particularly commendable achievements include his ability to get support at higher levels and ensure students' opinions are represented.

What it Means to Win

“Carlos is a truly exceptional student. From organising Bristol’s Sustainability Champions Network to his work on our sustainability careers fair, carbon literacy training, and a whole host of other projects; he has made a significant contribution to our community and we are delighted he chose Bristol as a place to study.” 

Professor Evelyn Welch, Vice Chancellor & President

Top 3 Learnings

  1. Sustainability is an interdisciplinary, transversal, and highly complex term that involves all aspects of life, not only environmental, but also social and economic.
  2. Youths are demanding sustainable futures, and the challenge requires muti-level cooperation, including intergenerational and international dialogues.
  3. Sustainability is for everyone, regardless our aspirations, beliefs, and backgrounds.
4 - Quality Education 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy 13 - Climate Action 16 - Peace Justice and Strong Institutions

Sustainability Champion - Student

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