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As a not-for-profit initiative, we seek sponsorship funds to secure the long term future of the Awards. We invite organisations to provide financial support to develop the Green Gown Awards in return for sharing their sustainability knowledge and brand exposure.

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Through working together we uncover, share and scale up exciting ideas for a future we want to live in. Ideas that are making our lives better today and the world better tomorrow: from lifestyle tweaks to game-changing interventions at planetary scale. We celebrate people who are doing amazing things that help society and the environment thrive.

We want to help these stories and ideas spread and take hold; we want to put them in front of the world’s most powerful organisations who can make them spread faster.

From entrepreneurs to academics, designers to campaigners, from the world’s biggest brands to the smallest start-ups, every day the most creative minds in the world are thinking, designing, testing, building and launching awe-inspiring new solutions to help us thrive – re-imagining food, fashion, travel, and more. We can get to a better future faster by working together. We can use the power of our voices, and our daily choices, to create the kind of future we want to live in.