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As a not-for-profit initiative, we seek sponsorship funds to secure the long term future of the Awards. We invite organisations to provide financial support to develop the Green Gown Awards in return for sharing their sustainability knowledge and brand exposure.

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Since 2001 Futerra has pursued the mission of ‘making sustainable development so desirable it becomes normal’. That mission fills our team, and our work, with purpose, pride and passion.

The world has changed over the 14 years since our founding, and Futerra has played a role in changing it. Today, we’re a fiercely independent and global company. We’re majorityowned and led by women, and we are one of the UK’s first B-corps.

We believe a better world is possible, and we want to help make it happen. We feel it in our hearts, we think about it constantly in our heads, we spend our time using our skills creatively and knowledge to making it real. We are both storytellers and problems solvers.