Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon


Youth-ability: Algorithm for sustainability

In this context, going beyond operational improvements, we at Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) took it upon ourselves to provide the world with enlightened individuals able to be drivers of change in a loading future.  

Thus, following the logic of ‘involve me and I learn’ we crafted an unrivalled sustainability algorithm based on youth motivation and empowerment. We intervened in courses where students had to do community service and offered them conveniently organized work alternatives of measurable goals during which they act on campus, the chapters created and run by students while developing their soft skills.

Consequently, we secured a flow of students, cultivating their mindsets on sustainability and empowering them to become eco-citizens actively engaging in the development of societies by leading projects aligned with the UN-SDG’s and based on the current situation.

Top 3 Learnings

  1. We, as a team, learned how to function in unison in order to make a sustainable impact.
  2. The power we can have to make an impact when we work all together, even if we are only few.
  3. I honestly love our community since everyone is so friendly, helpful, and nice. So I really learnt proper team work.
9 - Industry Innovation and Infrastructure 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production 15 - Life on Land
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon  image #1 Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon  image #1