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Snoezelen Therapy at school for special needs children

It is estimated that there are around 240 million children with disabilities in the year 2021. These children faced many challenges particularly in their development and education, thus early intervention is needed to facilitate the holistic development process. In Malaysia, Snoezelen Therapy is available at private centres or government hospitals for special needs children. For lower income families and rural areas, this is likely to be a luxury for them.

This project focused on installing a room in a rural area and taught teachers on activities and programmes for special needs children so that they have better adaptation for sensory and cognitive learning environments. Since its commencement in 2019, the project has reached and benefitted 73 children and left an impact to the children’s growth and development, apart from providing a platform for experiential learning to the university students.  

Top 3 Learnings

  1. We realised that sensory stimulation therapy is possible to be conducted outside highly equipped medical facilities.
  2. We empower the community i.e. teachers and parents, to ensure the success of the project.
  3. We acknowledge that children with special needs learn in their own unique way.
3 - Good Health and Well-Being 4 - Quality Education 10 - Reduced Inequalities
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