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Tirkah Rimba: Reviving remnants of the Jakun Tribe

In a world that seems never to cease ‘progressing’, we perhaps need to pause and reflect on remnants of indigenous wisdom that still exist around us. In persuading indigenous communities to adopt technology that can potentially benefit them, we must not allow the abandonment of their rich culture and heritage. Tirkah Rimba is a project undertaken to explore the traditions of the Orang Asli, in particular the Jakun tribe, in an effort to preserve and conserve their language and culture for generations to come.

One of the outcomes of Tirkah Rimba is the documentation of Jakun lexicons in the form of a pocket-sized dictionary. This project appraises the significance of understanding diversity through language and culture, and how eco-tourism can potentially act as a catalyst in preserving traditions that are under ‘threat’ as they might soon disappear due to pressure of social assimilation.

Top 3 Learnings

  1. We established and continue to strengthen our relationship with the Department of Orang Asli Development (JAKOA) and the Jakun people.
  2. We realise the importance of preserving and conserving indigenous culture and language.
  3. We plan to introduce eco-tourism as a potential catalyst to preserve the heritage of the Orang Asli in collaboration with JAKOA.
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