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Sustainable Wellness in Tembeling

Sustainable Wellness in Tembeling (SWIT) is an extension of a more than 20 years rural health community programme embedded into the university medical programme. Initially, the rural health posting was designed to follow Malaysia’s Ministry of Health healthcare services covering five Malay traditional villages (Pagi, Sat, Bantal, Mat Daling and Gusai), including an Orang Asli settlement along the Tembeling River. Over time, the project has become independent from the government mobile services and transformed into more engaging activities to provide education in the community or a ‘communiversity’ initiative that aims to nurture balanced medical graduates who know and can practice humanising medicine in the rural community in Tembeling, Pahang, Malaysia.

The project is interactive – between teachers, students, and members of the community; responsive to the needs and unmet needs of the community; inclusive - involving all relevant stakeholders, authorities, and communities; and sustainable by integrating it into the medical programmes formally and informally.

Top 3 Learnings

  1. We understand the true meaning of community transformation.
  2. The community is our living classroom, they teach us about life.
  3. It is all about us, not I, not we. Collaboration is important.
3 - Good Health and Well-Being 4 - Quality Education 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
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