International Judges

The judging panel are representatives of sector organisations and/or specialists in a particular area and represent international regions.

It is their substantial experience in the sector that truly makes the International Green Gown Awards sector owned.

Each of our partner organisations provides at least one representative to be a judge:

Judging Process

Each partner organisation nominates a representative of their organisation to be a judge. 

All judges are checked to ensure no conflict of interests with the applicants. If there is any conflict of interest the judges are asked not to judge that category or that application depending on the nature of the conflict.

All applications are checked by the International Green Gown Awards secretariat in terms of application length, correct information submitted etc.

The judges are sent all of the applications that are eligible. They are asked to complete a scorecard and submit this to the International Green Gown Awards secretariat. 

A virtual judging session is then undertaken with the judges and each application and the combined scorecards are considered. The judging decisions are made at this meeting. 

The regional award winners from the UK & Ireland Green Gown Awards, the Green Gown Awards Australasia and Les Trophées des campus responsables (French speaking) are automatically entered as Finalists and undergo the same judging process as all International finalists. 

Judging Criteria

The International Green Gown Awards are judged separately to the regional awards. The judging criteria for the International Green Gown Awards are solely based on a comparison of the projects as a whole. There is no additional information in the form of brochures or printed materials. 

Category Criteria:


A - The Initiative: (30 points)

B - The Execution (70 points)

Think about:

Based on the above criteria, judges decide on a winner for each category. Ideally we would like to have the winners across a varied geographical location; however, the winning applicant is to be chosen based purely on the biggest scale of impact, regardless of geographical location.

The only exception to this rule is where judges will have to:

Distinguish between small and large institutions, judges will have the discretion to award up to TWO winners. (Small institutions are those with an annual turnover of US$50 million or below.) However, this will only be done when applications are of a high quality and is not mandatory for judges to do so.