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Giving and Grateful (2G) Project

The Giving and Grateful (2G) Project is a major project organised by Students and Career Development (SCD) in collaboration with the faculties and with support from the departments of Management and Science University (MSU). This project received a huge amount of partnership from non-governmental organisations and industries, particularly in the Klang Valley. This project promotes gratitude and well-being by encouraging individuals to reflect on their experiences and express gratitude through acts of giving.

Students and staff from MSU reached out to underprivileged families, people with disabilities, humanitarian centres, indigenous families, and orphanage houses. Giving has the effect of not only helping and impacting the lives of the recipients but also the givers. This project involved students and staff at MSU giving away basic items such as rice, milo, sugar, flour, sardines, diapers, and also items for baking if the project is done during the month of Ramadan.

Top 3 Learnings

  1. Working as a team with the University community (academics, students, administrators) is the only way to enhance the objectives.
  2. Continuous support and collaboration from all parties is crucial to ensure long term sustainability of the project.
  3. Not only the recipients received the positive impact in their lives but also the donors. 
1- No Poverty 10 - Reduced Inequalities 17 - Partnerships for the Goals
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