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Community heat and power partnership

District heat and power has been identified as one of the key vehicles for delivering a step change in carbon reduction, aligning with the Scottish Government’s strategy towards decarbonising the heat network, and in helping to address fuel poverty in communities across the country.

North East Scotland College (NESCol) has collaborated with not-for-profit organisation Aberdeen Heat and Power to expand the reach of district heat and power to ensure the City Campus benefits from access to the network.

The expansion of the infrastructure has enabled the delivery of heat, hot water, and power to the NESCol site, reducing emissions and providing competitive tariffs, and crucially provided another important step towards the goal of a fully integrated city-wide network with capacity to serve social housing throughout Aberdeen alleviating fuel poverty.

Annual carbon savings achieved with the initiative:


Top 3 Learnings

  1. The goal of benefiting society can be achieved by harnessing the imagination and ingenuity of partners and learning from the skills, knowledge, and experiences of industry.
  2. Be open to change and don’t be afraid to challenge convention.
  3. Working with like-minded partners, we are reimagining traditional industries and breaking down barriers.
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