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Tertiary Access Group

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As all students (and their neighbours) know, academic life is about much more than lectures and essays. It’s also about relaxing in campus cafes, wearing strategically outrageous clothing, and listening to music hated by everyone else. That’s the part that the Tertiary Access Group (TAG) provides – a wide range of non-academic services for tertiary students. We’re the colour on campus, as opposed to the black and white of academic study. 

TAG’s members services – from food and beverage outlets to stationery and convenience stores, events, national competitions sports and fitness. entertainment and childcare is vast and varied, and can be found throughout this site. They’re also spread across more than 200 campuses – practically every university in Australia, along with a large number of TAFEs. So it helps that TAG is a co-operative owned and run by its 70-plus member organisations, which include universities, student unions, guilds and associations, sports associations, as well as smaller campus groups. This means they’re in close and constant touch with their student and staff customers, and can pick up instantly on changes in this trend-conscious and demanding market.

We’re determined to remain relevant to what students want. As part of that, we'll be placing more emphasis on our broader, diversified scope - just reminding our stakeholders that we’re a not-for-profit organisation that encourages student engagement, professional and personal development, social justice and environmental advocacy. Basically, we’re creating community on campus, so that the student experience is as rewarding as possible. We’re a unique business – quite unlike anything else.