The University of Faisalabad, Pakistan

Highly Commended

EM-Power for Women Welfare and Development

The University of Faisalabad (TUF) is committed for providing a work environment that ensures every employee is treated with dignity, respect and afforded equitable treatment. The University has been a pioneer with vision of “empowering women” through a defined tailored program for females. The Project runs with an aim to empower women in all capacities and bring them to the forefront as active contributors of success, not only the university but the entire nation, to achieve socio-economic sustainability.

The University extends its placement to hire women by providing them with a market-based salary, appreciation in the form of bonuses, study leaves, subsidised food, medical benefits, affordable housing, transportation, child day care and TUF social activities. Facilities provided by the university make it attractive for females not only in surrounding areas but also in remote areas where there are less opportunities for women to work.

Annual carbon savings: 

What the Judges Thought

A really good project that focuses at all areas of the institution to empower women. 

What it Means to Win

"Winning this Green Gown Award distinguishes our university as a dedicated winner, effecting wider term variation for sustainability in cooperation with our Faculty and Staff."

Professor (Meritorious & Tenured) Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman, 

Top 3 Learnings

  1. We have learned the importance of empowering Pakistani women via education, health, and entrepreneurship, to overcome challenges.
  2. We have learned about the university’s role in promoting social responsibility and sustainable development, acknowledging gender inequality's impact.
  3. We have enhanced our knowledge and skills in sustainable business practices, leadership, and community development.
1- No Poverty 5 - Gender Equality 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth 10 - Reduced Inequalities
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