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UQ Carbon Literacy Program delivers impactful climate education

The University of Queensland (UQ) Carbon Literacy Program is a short course that brings together people and organisations from all sectors and walks of life to collaborate, disseminate and act on climate change. More than 300 participants have gained their carbon literacy certification since UQ launched the program 2021, and 400 more are expected to be certified by the end of this year.

Accredited by international climate education leader, the UK-based Carbon Literacy Project, the UQ Carbon Literacy Program is developed and delivered by UQ's leading experts in business, sustainability and carbon literacy. UQ is the first university in Australia to launch a local version of the program.

The course comprises eight hours of blended learning, including self-paced online modules and live seminars. Learners spend two additional hours making a pledge and writing an assessment to receive their certificate. Aligning with the
University’s vision, the UQ Carbon Literacy Program epitomises knowledge leadership for a better world.

Top 3 Learnings

  1. Action-focused learning that looks at the climate impact of everyday activities creates highly engaged participants.
  2. Participants find the program transformative, leading to meaningful and tailored carbon reduction pledges.
  3. Corporate interest in carbon literacy is significant, and industry training partnerships can bring diverse benefits.
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