Universidad del Norte, Colombia


Recovering an almost lost ecosystem: The tropical dry forest of the Universidad del Norte

The Universidad del Norte has approximately 10 hectares of tropical dry forest. It is a space of great importance for the conservation of biodiversity in urban environments, due to the multiplicity of species that inhabit it. Since 2020, they began to take tours of the forest in order to promote contact with nature among students. In 2022, an investigation began that consists of monitoring nocturnal mammals through camera traps, to learn about their behaviour in wildlife.

As part of the results, animals have been identified that have never been seen in the forest before, such as foxes, armadillos, anteaters, ocelots, among others. 3 new insect species have also been found. Likewise, this forest is socially recognized as a point of observation of birds and perception of nature through literature, music, and photography.

What the Judges Thought

This innovative project showcased how the university is recognising and using its land to conserve and educate.  The judges enjoyed reading about how the passion of the university staff, students and researchers across several disciplines was harnessed to bring this project to life.

What it Means to Win

"For our university, Universidad del Norte, to be awarded with this International Green Gown Award, is a remarkable achievement; signifying that our joint efforts towards environmental sustainability have been moving in the right direction, and bright enough to be a beacon for other institutions in the whole Caribbean region."

María Cristina Martínez, Dean, Division of Basic Sciences


Top 3 Learnings

  1. We are a Colombian university that preserves a relic of tropical dry forest.
  2. We encourage students to question themselves about the cultural and ecological importance of biodiversity.
  3. We recognize the importance of integrating colleges and universities to create a territorial ecological culture.
4 - Quality Education 13 - Climate Action 15 - Life on Land
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