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i-DOSS: IoT based Dissolved Oxygen Sensory System

Dissolved oxygen (DO) control is critical in aquaculture. DO, the volume of oxygen contained in water, is often the most critical parameter in the health and well-being of livestock. In most cases, depleted oxygen often resulted in mass mortality (anoxia) of shrimp stock. DO is affected by many factors including temperature and salt content, thus shrimp farming in sea water ponds generally use aerators e.g. paddle wheels to provide sufficient levels of oxygen in the salt water.

A fault detection and smart dissolved oxygen monitoring system that integrates IoT (Internet of Things) technology is proposed to observe the operation of the paddle wheel in each pond in real time, identify if it becomes malfunctioned, and immediately alert the workers through mobile phones and office dashboards.

Top 3 Learnings

  1. We utilised the latest technology to benefit communities involved in aquaculture.
  2. We reduced the mortality rate of shrimp livestock, thus increasing potential income for communities and industries.
  3. We contribute sustainable technology-based strategies for aquaculture 4.0.
1- No Poverty 9 - Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
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