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Investing in a sustainable future

University College Cork (UCC) ensures that sustainability is at the heart of all of its financial decision making. The University has divested from fossil fuels and signed the Principles of Responsible Investment. 

In 2016, it established a “Saver Saves” revolving fund mechanism whereby financial savings achieved through energy reduction initiatives could remain with the relevant department or unit, to be reinvested in other environmental projects.  Sustainability Criteria are included in all of the University’s tendering processes, resulting in impactful partnerships and projects with suppliers across catering, cleaning, and other services. 

The University has also established a “Living Laboratory Seed Fund” programme, providing up to €10,000 for demonstration projects and €30,000 for research masters projects that relate to the objectives of its Sustainability Strategy.

Annual carbon savings achieved with the initiative:

Top 3 Learnings

  1. Quick wins are really important for getting people on board, longer term systemic change is needed to keep people engaged and involved. 
  2. Complex problems need a multidisciplinary approach and people need to be able to acknowledge when they don’t know the answer!
  3. Authenticity and transparency are the key to ensuring buy-in from stakeholders. It’s all about progress not perfection!
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