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Student Sustainability Research Conference 2023

The Student Sustainability Research Conference (SSRC) 2023 took place in March at the University of Leeds. For the first time, we invited students from all 12 member institutions of Yorkshire Universities, making the event more inclusive and collaborative than ever before. We offered students the opportunity to share, learn and be inspired by each other. The day featured a mix of presentations, performances, workshops, and exhibitions showcasing research at all levels.

Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability, the conference addressed all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with a particular focus on four themes aligning with the aims of the Yorkshire and Humberside Climate Commission Climate Action Plan.

As part of our University Climate Plan, we are taking the steps to make this our first carbon neutral conference, acting as a ‘Living Lab’ to test approaches for reducing emissions associated with events. We are measuring and taking action to reduce the carbon emissions associated with each element of the event, including energy, catering, and transport. The emissions associated with the event will be balanced using academically verified offsetting projects to deliver carbon neutrality.

Top 3 Learnings

  1. Collaboration within and across institutions is key to delivering successful sustainability engagement events.
  2. Student research showcases the interdisciplinary and broad nature of sustainability.
  3. Students are engaged and passionate about sustainability and appreciate the opportunity to share and inspire their peers.
4 - Quality Education 10 - Reduced Inequalities 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities 13 - Climate Action
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