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One Planet, One Penn: creating academic climate commitments for the 12 University of Pennsylvania Schools

Academic inquiry at Penn is spread across its 12 Schools, four of which offer undergraduate degrees and all of which offer graduate degrees. While each of these Schools is dedicated to specific disciplines, there is a shared commitment to collaboration, impact, and the integration of knowledge across the disciplines. The Environmental Innovations Initiative collaborated with the leadership of each of Penn’s 12 Schools to issue a set of distinct “climate action statements" that reflect the scholarly priorities of each school, identify opportunities for advocacy within industries and communities, and draw connections between the School’s activities and Penn’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2042.

Launched during Penn Climate Week 2022, each of these public-facing commitments has its own priorities, commitments, and even formatting. These unique elements are essential to establishing statements that are authentic to the strategic vision of the School while advancing a united sense of purpose for Penn’s teaching, research, and service.

Top 3 Learnings

  1. We learned that each Dean is eager for action and had distinct ideas about leadership in their field.
  2. We are now exploring how our Schools might influence both their industries and how their disciplines are taught.
  3. Communication is key: Using the phrase One Planet, One Penn, has been effective at uniting the schools. 

4 - Quality Education 13 - Climate Action 17 - Partnerships for the Goals
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