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The University of Plymouth is committed to taking action to reduce its impact on the environment.

A key element of that has always been to document its achievements, and how any challenges have been overcome, so that it can both learn from its actions and provide others with the tools to follow suit. 

Since 2016, the University has disclosed its sustainability performance in accordance with the internationally recognised GRI reporting standard. In 2022, it gained the PAS 2060 standard for carbon neutrality, externally verified by NQA, providing external assurance on its carbon footprint data. It is working continually to improve its external assurance for sustainability, providing stakeholders and interested parties’ full disclosure of its performance against sustainability targets, and inviting interested parties to get involved and collaborate. Sustainability reporting remains a key part of that process.

URL to access our latest sustainability report or sustainability section(s) of our annual report

Please see the Sustainability Reports section, Sustainability Report 2022

Annual carbon savings achieved with the initiative:

What the Judges Thought

The judges were impressed with the responses to the feedback given in Stage 1, and the information supplied.  A great structure, strategy and clear 12 point action plan over Climate Change shown.  Clear links to the SDGs and strategy and governance features heavily here also.  An easy read and lots to look at and be enaged in.  A great report. 

What it Means to Win

“With individuals and institutions challenged to reduce their carbon footprint, universities can play a critical role in solutions that drive global action. They also need to be exemplars of net-zero behaviours, and this is a further validation of the University of Plymouth’s ongoing commitment to transparent and honest sustainability reporting.”

Professor Judith Petts CBE, Vice-Chancellor

Top 3 Learnings

  1. There is a wide audience interested in honest sustainability disclosure.
  2. It is key to cut through greenwashing and report long term progress against targets.
  3. External verification adds reassurance that what we are reporting has been validated.
11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production 13 - Climate Action 17 - Partnerships for the Goals

Reporting with Influence

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