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Enactus - St Andrews Wise Community

St. Andrews Wise Community is a social enterprise that aims to alleviate the loneliness problem among the elderly population of St. Andrews. We interview elderly individuals and share the videos online, allowing the individuals to detail interesting stories and life advice they want to pass down to younger generations. This ensures that vital wisdom is bequeathed.

The team was co-founded by Barry Hudson and Aidan Frew who developed a vision for how Enactus can remedy loneliness issues in St. Andrews whilst permeating benefits throughout the community.

Our project revolves around three core pillars: passing down wisdom, alleviating loneliness, and developing relationships and a sense of value with the interviewees. We have developed a partnership with the community relations committee at the University of St. Andrews and have thus far conducted in-depth interviews with five individuals. After each interview, we have been able to maintain regular communication with all beneficiaries.

Top 3 Learnings

  1. We’ve become aware of the growing number of elderly people suffering from severe loneliness.
  2. The vast distinction between younger and elderly generations’ social norms and outlooks on life.  
  3. The value of sharing senior citizens’ knowledge and wisdom with youth and local community.
3 - Good Health and Well-Being 4 - Quality Education
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