2017 Winners

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Colleges and universities alike won big at the prestigious Green Gown Awards held on Wednesday 15th November. Organised by EAUC, the ceremony was held at Manchester’s magical The Monastery.

Showing institutions are not bound by their size when it comes to exceptional  initiatives, winners ranged from Borders College to University of Cambridge, and projects were as diverse as climate change music albums to the UK's first heat system that runs on sewage. 

Celebrating the inspirational sustainability initiatives of 113 Finalists, representing over 1.5 million students and 244 thousand staff, the Awards Ceremony had a staggering 22 Winners and 19 Highly Commended entries. 

EAUC CEO Iain Patton co-hosted the ceremony alongside poet and Chancellor of the University of Manchester, Lemn Sissay, MBE. 
Opening the awards, Iain said: “These initiatives are a shining example of the power education possesses and the importance those that work and study within it place on creating a better world and a new generation of change agents.”

Chancellor of the University of Manchester, Lemn Sissay, MBE, said at the close of the Awards: 

“The leadership and innovation that we have seen tonight is truly awe inspiring. If all education institutions created individuals and initiatives like these, we would have a much brighter future full of leading lights.”

Best Newcomer

    WINNER - Borders College

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - Northumbria University

Carbon Reduction

Category Supporter: The Energy Consortium

    WINNER - The College of West Anglia (Small Institution)

    WINNER - University of Reading (Large Institution)

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - Northumbria University

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - University of Chester


    WINNER - Durham University

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - Ayrshire College

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - University of the West of England, Bristol

Continuous Improvement: Institutional Change*

Category Supporter: Scottish Funding Council

    WINNER - Canterbury Christ Church University

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - University of Leicester


    WINNER - Perth College UHI (Small Institution)

    WINNER - Nottingham Trent University (Large Institution)

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - University of Exeter


    WINNER - SHRUB Co-op Edinburgh & The University of Edinburgh

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - Manchester Metropolitan University

Facilities and Services

    WINNER - The University of Birmingham and UniGreenScheme

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - University of Gloucestershire

Food and Drink

Category Supporter: TUCO

    WINNER - The University of Winchester (Small Institution)

    WINNER - University of Cambridge (Large Institution)

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - University of Chester

Learning and Skills

    WINNER - The University of Manchester

Research and Development

Category Supporter: Salix


    WINNER - Emily Haggett, University of Southampton

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - Laura Salisbury, University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion


    WINNER - University of Salford

Student Engagement*

    WINNER - University of Winchester (Small Institution)

    WINNER - Ayrshire College (Large Institution)

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - University of London

Sustainability Reporting

Category Supporter: PwC

    WINNER - University of Cambridge

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - Queen Mary University of London

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - University of Oxford


Leadership Award

Category Supporter: Leadership

    WINNER - Angus Allan, South Lanarkshire College (Small Institution)

    WINNER - Professor Eunice Simmons, Nottingham Trent University (Large Institution)

Sustainability Champion Award


    WINNER - Indy Sira, The University of Warwick

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - Navdeep Dhuti, London South Bank University

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - Thomas Haines, The Students' Union at UWE


    WINNER - Anne Perkins, Aston University

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - Shaunagh Smith, University of Chester

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - Dr Michelle Williams, University of Gloucestershire

Sustainability Professional Award

Category Supporter: EAUC

    WINNER - Professor Simon Kemp, University of Southampton

    HIGHLY COMMENDED - Dr Georgina Gough, University of the West of England, Bristol

* Included in the International Green Gown Awards

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