International Green Gown Awards

The International Green Gown Awards recognise exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by universities and colleges. The Awards cover all aspects of educational institutions – from their teaching and research, leadership, buildings and food to how students can benefit the quality of life in the communities around them.

The Green Gown Awards are delivered on a regional basis in Australasia, the UK and Ireland and French speaking Europe and Canada and globally through the GUPES Green Gown Awards. The winners of each region then go head to head for the coveted International Green Gown Awards.

There are three categories up for the International Green Gown Award:

The international judging criteria will be based on a comparison of the projects as a whole, with the ultimate deciding factor being which project has the biggest scale of impact - using the regional application submissions.

The winners of each International category in each region will be chosen for the International Green Gown Award. You cannot apply directly for these Awards but the winners of each eligible category will be put forward automatically.

The International Green Gown Awards are administered by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC).

View the 2016 International Green Gown Awards Winners