Green Gown Awards UK & Ireland – Judging Process

The UK & Ireland Green Gown Award judging panel are representatives of sector organisations and/or specialists in a particular area. 

It is their substantial experience in the sector that truly makes the Green Gown Awards sector owned.

Past Judging Panels have included representatives from:

Judging Process

All judges are checked to ensure no conflict of interests with the applicants. If there is any conflict of interest the judges are asked not to judge that category or that application depending on the nature of the conflict.

All applications are checked by the Green Gown Awards secretariat in terms of application length, correct information submitted etc.

The judges are sent all of the applications that are eligible. They are asked to complete a scorecard and submit this to the Green Gown Awards secretariat. 

A virtual Stage 1 judging session is then undertaken with the judges and each application and the combined scorecards are considered. The judging decisions are made at this meeting. 

The judges provide feedback to applicants that have been shortlisted - these are the Finalists. Finalists then have the opportunity to respond to the judges feedback at Stage 2 along with further information. 

The judges then have a Stage 2 judging session and each application and the combined scorecards are considered. The judging decisions are made at this meeting. The winners are then announced at the Award Ceremony. 

Each category has 8-10 judges. We ensure a good coverage for representing FE & HE as well as regionally across the UK & Ireland. Each category is appointed a chair which is one of the judges. Chairs are selected for specialist knowledge in the area or previous experience of judging. The Chair has the casting vote if there is a tie. 

Judging Criteria

The judging criteria for the Green Gown Awards are solely based on a comparison of the projects as a whole. There is no additional information in the form of brochures or printed materials. This relates to the majority of the categories with the exception of the Reporting with Influence category where the institution's sustainability reporting URL is judged and the Sustainability Institution of the Year category which is judged at stage 2 with a live presentation in Microsoft Teams with judges and Q&As.

There is a maximum of 80 points awarded, with 30 points at Stage 1 and a further 50 points at Stage 2.  

Scoring Criteria:

Stage 1 - a maximum of 30 points

Stage 2 - a maximum of 50 points

The judges then decide the winner and any highly commended. The only exception to this rule is where judges will have the discretion to award up to TWO winners - a small institution winner and a large institution winner. (Small institutions are those with an annual turnover of £100 million or below.) However, this will only be done when applications are of a high quality and is not mandatory for judges to do so. 

The winners and highly commended are announced at the Awards Ceremony.

All finalist receive feedback from the judges regarding their applications to provide constructive help and support to improve their applications for future years. The judges decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.